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Beading Needles Size 12 - Pack of 25

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Beading Needles are a must-have for every beading enthusiast and jewellery maker!
The pack contains 25 Size 10 beading needles.
Whether you're working with small seed beads, sewing sequins onto delicate fabrics or creating stunning bead weaving masterpieces, these needles are the perfect addition to your crafting toolkit.

Size 12 Pony Beading Needles for Beadweaving & Seed Beading projects.
These are thinner and smaller than size 10 needles and will work well if you are using small hole beads (15/0 for example) or in projects where you will repeatedly have to weave back through the same holes. 
Use these for very fine work using small seed beads or to sew sequins onto fine fabrics, for bead weaving or jewellery making. 

Made from high-quality carbon steel, these economy beading needles offer exceptional durability and precision for all your beading needs.
Their fine, sharp points glide effortlessly through fabrics and beads, allowing you to create intricate designs with ease.

Tip: the larger the size number of needle the smaller it is, typically used when working with size 15 or smaller beads.