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Beadsmith Bob-EEZ Small No Tangle Bobbin

Please note that this listing is for one bobbin, allowing you to choose the exact quantity you need for your projects.

Introducing the Bob-eez No Tangle Thread Bobbins from Beadsmith - your new best friend for all your stringing projects!

Say goodbye to frustrating tangles and knots, and hello to a more organized and enjoyable crafting experience.

Made from soft, durable plastic, these innovative bobbins are designed with a patented, protective locking system that keeps your cords, threads, and other stringing materials neatly spooled and tangle-free while you work.

Measuring approximately 32mm in diameter, these small-sized Bob-eez Bobbins are perfect for use in Kumihimo, Macramé, and many other stringing projects.

Their stackable design makes them a breeze to store and transport, and the secure locking system ensures that loose ends of threads and cords stay put and don't unravel.

To use, simply wrap your cord or thread around the bobbin, and lock it in place with the easy-to-use protective locking system. It's that simple!