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Nymo Thread Size 0 WHITE Beading Thread Bobbin (1 pc)

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Nymo Thread for Beading

Slightly waxed and lightly twisted, this nylon thread is the thread of choice for beadworking & beadweaving.
Nymo comes in several different sizes, ranging from '00' (thinnest) to 'F' (thickest).
The most commonly available sizes of Nymo are 00, 0, B and D. To get the most from the thread strength, use the thickest size that will fit through your beads. 
Nymo is a nylon monochord, which means it is a single bonded strand, not several twisted together.
This is helpful in beadwork, especially when you have to remove stitches - it won't untwist and separate. 
Nymo thread is strong and supple, but it can fray when it is overworked.